Charity Marketing

Helping Charities & NPO’s scale & market their organizations in the most cost efficient & effective way using digital automation technologies & online marketing solutions.

Our story

Charity Marketing was started by war survivors who volunteered to help charities and NPO’s including:

scale their online business strategies and tactics in order to achieve their organizational objectives.

Corrupt politics & bad economics destroyed our peaceful country Yugoslavia in 1992 and we want to help prevent this from ever happening again. Our vision is to bring awareness to the people via the World Wide Web & expose the corrupt leaders who make decisions based on self interest instead of the common good. 

The revolution will be digitized offers software scaling systems and web development and online marketing services that help charities scale with minimal effort and investment.

The Four Cornerstones

of Charity Marketing

Charity Marketing System

The Charity Marketing system contains the 7 key business scaling components including the charity website template, membership & donation system, email marketing automation system, influencer outreach system, social media system, charity SEO system and business automation software systems.

Charity Marketing Services

We offer highly effective services including charity and nonprofit software implementation, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), influencer outreach, social media, email marketing and business automation systems.

Charity Marketing Blog

The Charity Marketing Blog is an invaluable resource for charity and nonprofit entrepreneurs and executives. Learn how to scale your charity or nonprofit using highly affordable and scalable digital marketing systems and services.
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Charity Marketing Training

Our training curriculum teaches charity entrepreneurs and executives how to market and scale their charities and NPO's using leading technologies in the most effective and cost efficient way.
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